The TRUE Home Run King

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On April 8, 1974, Hank Aaron, of the Atlanta Braves,  reached the impossible record of breaking “the Babe’s” all-time home run record.  Hank is a great man and a class act.

These videos capture the excitement of number 714 and famous number 715!






People say Barry Bonds is the Home Run King, but Hank stands alone.  Remember this: 715 home runs, no PED’s needed….

Hank you’re the true KING!




Heads Up Frisco!

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Double-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers, the Frisco RoughRiders had this storm happen during a game. Hmmmm….. As a fan who doesn’t get up to go to the bathroom during a game, do I stay in my seat to watch or……run for my life….

Hmmmmmm that’s interesting…


Pic from: Bleacher Report

Hank Goes Late Night

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Baseball, a Game of Failure

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Baseball = Failure

As I look forward to Brewers Opening Day 2014 and my own upcoming baseball season, I am reminded that baseball is a huge game of failure.  Great hitters hit a .300 average.  Look at it this way, it means you FAIL 70% of the time.  That’s a huge percentage.  You are guaranteed to fail.  If while at bat, you advance a runner and he gets into scoring position, but you get out, do you fail?  Absolutely not.  Your batting average will be lower, which may look bad on the surface.  However, you are part of a team whose goal is to score runs.  Let’s say the winning run is on third and you crush the ball to the outfield and the fielder makes an amazing play.   You don’t fail because your goal is to hit the ball solidly and you succeeded.  You tip your cap to the defender and try again.  This unfortunately is a scenario that’s happened to me many times.  Another scenario would be if there is a full count and bases are loaded in the last inning.  You strike out.  Yes, this is failing, but it’s part of the game.  It happens to everyone.   No matter how hard you try, the game of baseball will always win.  So you will always face adversity, but it is how you respond to it that makes the difference between good players and great ball players!

Negative Thinking = Contagion

On my traveling baseball team, many of the kids get very upset after committing an error or not batting well.  ( Parents, it doesn’t help if you’re screaming or putting pressure on your kid.)  If this ever happens to me, I just try my best to be positive and to keep my head up as well as encourage teammates.  Otherwise, this can cause you to play horribly because you are not in a good mental mood.  If one person starts having a bad attitude, it spreads like a disease.  Everyone starts getting upset and frustrated and the team starts to fade. The other team smells this frustration and  takes advantage of it and then uses it against you.  They will crush you to pieces.  I’ve seen this happen to my team numerous times.  Kids crying, helmets thrown, missed grounders, bad throws -it’s ugly.  I’ve heard that scouts hope to see errors when looking at players.  They want to see how a player handles mistakes mentally and how/if they can recover.  My advice:  Let it go!  Don’t  mix offense and defense.  Leave the error on the field.  Leave the strikeout in the batter’s box.   Each player needs to find what works for them – so learn to forgive yourself and move forward!!!  And “PLAY BALL!!”

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Steroids Shrink What!?!?!?!?

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Now that I have your attention, don’t go running, but I’m posting my school research paper on Steroids, including a bibliography.  Being my first research paper, it may not be perfect, but I sure learned a lot and want to share this knowledge. So here it goes….

People hear of steroids all around sports.  Almost every day you can find a new Major League Baseball player being caught using these drugs.  These players often take these Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s) without knowing the consequences.  Taking steroids is definitely not worth the risk.  Why and how do players take them?  What actually are steroids?  Why ruin your body, entire career and reputation? Although steroids may improve performance, these drugs have so many physical and psychological effects that have the potential to destroy your body.  All of these substances can even be fatal.  You should absolutely not take steroids unless prescribed for a medical condition.

What Are Steroids?

The general public doesn’t seem to know what steroids are.  Most think they are just drugs that give you enlarged biceps and muscles which is partially true.  Steroids do much more than just intense muscle-building.  There are two types of steroids, corticoid and anabolic, but they were developed for medical usage only at first.

Corticosteroids aren’t the type to build muscle. These have been used for mostly medical purposes.  Most commonly in a football game you’ll see a player go down. A doctor will use a Corticosteroid called Cortisone to treat this injury.  Cortisone is used to reduce swelling and inflammation (Philipkoski).

The most common steroids are anabolic steroids (Quinn).  If you would have a certain disease like cancer for example, anabolic steroids were invented to help you regain your muscle.  Another medical treatment is for late occurring  puberty.  Sometimes young adults seem to never hit puberty and need a boost in growth.  This substance is made of synthetic testosterone (Philipkoski).

What is testosterone? It is the main sex hormone in a man.  The reason for the usage of testosterone is because of muscle building.  Your bone mass and muscle mass can increase rather rapidly when taking excess amounts of testosterone.  Your energy level can be maintained while giving you a great sense of mind or type of “high”(Mandal).

How do Players Take Steroids and Why?

Steroids are extremely addictive.  Usually addicts take 100 times more of a dosage than is normally prescribed by doctors.  This makes unbelievably successful results at building muscle.  Users become extremely addicted and feel confident with their body image, while even obsessing over it.

When people work out, they create micro tears in their muscle fibers.  A muscle then regrows, like scar tissue and comes back larger than before.  If you use anabolic steroids, this cycle gets faster and better.  People can work out more often, as well as get stronger quicker (Philipkoski).  Fatigue is delayed, and you feel a sense of absolute great joy.  Basically, players take these substances to improve their performance (Quinn).

There are various techniques of taking steroids.  Steroids can be ingested by a pill, injected with a needle, and also can be rubbed on your skin with a cream.  Another method is called cycling.  Cycling is most commonly used with body builders.  This form has the individual taking the drug in certain time cycles.  Most commonly, they are taken in 6 to 12 week cycles.

Another way is called stacking.  You put the substance in to your body by both pill and injection.  This isn’t scientifically proven to work, but is meant to double muscle growth.  Pyramiding is another common way to take steroids.  It is just like cycling, but slightly different.  In your first cycle you take a low base dosage.  Then each cycle you keep increasing your dosage until you hit a peak.  Then you gradually decrease.  (“Steroid Users Enjoy Cycling Stacking and Pyramiding”)

Physical Side Effects

The usage of steroids has some disturbing effects on your body.   Harsh damage to your liver and kidney can occur.  Joints will lose flexibility.  Your immune system can become very depleted.  If this happens, you are very susceptible to disease and infection.  Random nose bleeds, headaches, and stomach aches happen.  Your face may have an absolute breakout of acne (“What Steroids Do To a Body”?). Your tendons can rupture. Increased LDL cholesterol, decreased HDL cholesterol will occur. High blood pressure and heart attacks happen because your heart rate can rise.  Diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis can also occur. (Quinn)

There are many sexual side effects that are just horrific.  You will have an increased sex drive due to the testosterone increase, but have a decreased sexual performance.  Men can actually see breasts start to form.  Also, testicles can shrink up (“What Steroids Do To a Body”?).

Psychological Effects

Usage of steroids can cause an individual to be very paranoid while becoming edgy and impatient.  Users can become extremely obsessed with working out, monitoring what they eat, and obsessing on how your body image is.  Another common side effect is depression with various mood swings.  (“What Steroids Do To a Body?”).

Quitting steroids is no easy task by any means.  If you try to just quit and stop right now and there, a feeling of mass withdrawal occurs.  You’ll feel fatigue, irritability, a loss of appetite, insomnia, and aggression.  Even suicide can happen. Another dangerous type of side effect is severe aggression known as ‘Roid Rage’ (Quinn).

‘Roid Rage’

‘Roid Rage’ is a very commonly tied with the aggression factor of steroids.  It is commonly referred to as a psychotic episode.  The term first appeared in the 1980s; bodybuilders were committing extremely violent crimes (Dhar).

According to various studies, there are obvious connections between testosterone and aggression (Dhar).  This doesn’t occur for every case. ‘Roid Rage’ usually occurs in people with previous signs of violent or hostile behavior.  Steroids can just put them over the edge and turn them into totally violent criminals.  Incidents of violent physical attacks, suicide and murder have all been attributed to “roid rage.”

Cost of Career

Taking steroids to improve your athletic career may eventually be the thing that destroys it.  One dose of anabolic steroids can ruin your career.  Your entire reputation is shot as well.  No one will ever look at you the same.

For example,  consider Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees.  Also, reflect on Barry Bonds, former outfielder of the San Francisco Giants.  At one point, I’m sure everyone admired their athletic accomplishments and adored them. Some may have even viewed them as the best of the best.  Both, eventually tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs and look at them now.  According to Tony Bosch, Alex Rodriguez wanted to start an 800 club. The 800 club is referring to 800 career home runs.  Tony Bosch is the man who personally injected him at the biogenesis clinic in Miami.  They are viewed as absolute villains now.  We should view Barry Bonds as the greatest hitter of all-time, but we see him under a cloud of suspicion.  The public hates him.  PEDs are keeping him and many other players out of the coveted Hall of Fame.

Steroid usage for anything other than a medical condition should be avoided.  The physical side effects are horrific, disgusting, dangerous, and possibly fatal.  Psychologically individuals are diminished.  Users may end up in jail or even murder someone. Why do you need to ruin your career?  Everything can and will be gone.  Steroids will ruin your life.


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“Hangin’” Around For Only 19 More Days!

-David S.-

Only 19 days until Opening Day!!!! Here’s my frozen shirt entry for the Brewers countdown.  I can almost taste it!!!!  “Hangin’” around waiting for Opening Day!!

Hangin' around waiting for Opening Day!

“Hangin’” around waiting for Opening Day!




-David S.-

First we saw the bacon hats……and now……….DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!  TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE JERSEYS!!!!!!   The AAA affiliate of the Fresno Grizzlies have introduced an amazing theme night jersey!  COWABUNGA!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!


These jerseys look pretty ridiculous, but the idea is fun and brings about childhood memories for many.  The fans will get to vote on which Ninja uniform that the Grizzlies will wear:  Blue – Leonardo, Purple – Donatello,    Red – Raphael, or Orange – Michaelangelo.  My vote would be Raphael, the red Ninja Turtle!  What one would you vote for?

Tomorrow, I’ll post another uniform that I just found!  Hint:  think Star Wars……

Photo via:

Gone to the Dogs…..How Hank Changed My Life

-David S.-

Many know my feelings for dogs… I DON’T LIKE THEM AT ALL!!!  I don’t get them. Dogs are a lot of work and chew up your stuff. They always jump on me,  bite me, follow me, pee on me, and attack me! One time my cousins brought their dog, Ruby up north in Hayward, Wi where we vacation.  Once I saw Ruby come down to the beach I bolted and headed for the baby paddle boat.  I was paddling for my life out there on the lake!! Then, Ruby starts to chase me and catches up! The boat flips, I get tossed in the water and I get a nice welt on my noggin…..add that to the injury list.  Once at a birthday party, a big dog chased me and I landed butt first in a 5 gallon bucket, stuck like an upside down turtle.  So, I’m kind of a “hater” when it comes to dogs, but not afraid to admit it! ;)

But, when you put my passion (baseball) and my dislike for (dogs) together, what happens?  I love it!

So, a little adorable stray puppy was wandering around the Brewers Spring Training complex in Maryvale, Arizona.  The Brewers adopted this little guy and named him, Hank.  Hank has become an unofficial mini mascot for the Brewers and is stealing Milwaukee’s hearts.  This cute puppy is starting to change my view on dogs :) !  Am I actually admitting that I’m feeling something “warm and fuzzy” for a dog?   Is this a random act of goodwill puppy adoption, or simply a marketing genius, stirring up “warm and fuzzy” fans and generating interest for the upcoming season? Either way, I think I like it……..

Here’s a bunch of awesome photos of Hank:

A dramatic face from Hank…

Team workouts with Hank!


Hank is being raised well! :)

Meet your new sausage racer!

Hank and Lucroy.

Guard that Gatorade Hank. Guard it!

Another dramatic pic…

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Pictures from:



-David S.-

Sorry, I haven’t posted in awhile…Things have been sooooooooo hectic! Various projects and some Catholic school basketball tournaments! I want to create a meme that says, “My mom used to be a nice person, until Catholic School Basketball”  - (Love you mom).  I’ve also been pretty darn sick with tons of papers to write.  I know, excuses, excuses……

The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs are now displaying bacon on their uniforms!!!!! Maybe everything isn’t better with bacon……..



This new look is pretty ugly, but AWESOME!!!  Putting bacon into a uniform is a ridiculously dumb yet genius idea! :)  On it says there will be “scratch-and-sniff” bacon logo t-shirts! How amazing is that…

What if they made bacon pinstripe pants!?!?!……MIND BLOWN!

What do you think??????

Photo from:


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