75 Years of Baseball on T.V.

-David S.-

On August 26, 1939, a baseball game was televised for the very first time.  A doubleheader between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Reds had only 2 cameras, compared to the thirteen cameras used for a Dodgers game now days! One camera was above home plate to see the view of the entire diamond.  To pick up throws from the infield, another camera was looking down the first base line.  About 3,000 people tuned in for this historical event.

Legendary Red Barber on the call for the first televised game!

Ebbets Field, the stadium where baseball was televised first.

Source: MLB.com

Pics from: www.insidesocal.com, mholloway63.files.wordpress.com, pdxretro.com, and spacecoastdaily.com

Best of Bleacher Boy

-David S.-

This is my 150th post on Bleacher Boy!  To celebrate this little milestone, I would like to share some of my favorite posts that I have written.  I haven’t posted for the last few weeks since I’ve been up north fishing and vacationing “unplugged.”

Bleacher Boy Top 10


10. Moneyball and My Twin Sister Sophie

In this article I explain the  importance of just getting on base by any means.  My twin sister Sophie is involved because of how she helped my team win.


9. Aggressive Hitters Vs. Patient Hitters

Part 1

Part 2

In this two part article I break down these type of hitters and their ups and downs.


8. Buying a Jersey…A Kiss of Death

The title explains it all, I don’t think I can ever buy another jersey.

Wait…it struck again!!!


7. What Am I Waiting For?

This one got reblogged on MLBlogs Central.  MLBlogs Central asked people to write an article like this and they picked mine to reblog!


6. Bleacher Boy Radio Guest – on the Rec Room Show!!

Listen to the recording of my first  interview on the radio show, Rec Room Show!!!! I recommend starting 14 minutes into the show.



If  I were commissioner, I would implement this performance enhancing drug policy.


4.  Steroids Shrink What!?!?!?!?

This is my personal research paper outlining what steroids  do to you psychologically and physically.  Very disturbing results from my research.


3. Warning: Graphic Pictures of Why My Grandpa Says I Should Stick to Sudoku

Mr. Injury Prone here!  Want to see a horrific eye injury!?!?


2.  Baseball, a Game of Failure

You don’t beat baseball, baseball beats you.   This explains how truly difficult baseball is, and how to “get a grip”  when playing the game.  Mental toughness is everything!  Like Yogi Berra said, “Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical.”


1. No Home Run is Greater Than His Sacrifice!

My favorite article!  It shows how God is involved with my life. I am blessed to be able to play ball and share my passion!  Credo – God, Family, Baseball!!!!!


Bleacher Boy on the Airwaves

-David S.-

Listen to the podcast of me on the  Rec Room Show with Tim Hollenbeck right HERE!  Fast forward to about 14 1/2 minutes to get to my part.  Listen as we talk baseball, this blog, Dwier Brown, and MORE!!!  How did I sound?  The Rec Room Show is on All Radio X.  My broadcast is number 97.  Make sure to check out his show on his website every Tuesday at 8 Central Time!

#BlameLucroy…..Only Cry Baby Cardinal Fans

-David S.-

St. Louis is crying again!  I am not bashing on Adam at all.  He’s a great pitcher who I respect, and yet I’m very jealous of his pitching performances against the Brew Crew.  Adam Wainwright struggled in his All-Star start.  So, there’s no way it could possibly be his fault….  So….let’s blame Jonathan Lucroy!  Why not, right?  Yea, that’s right.  Cardinal fans unite and cry because supposedly Lucroy caused Wainwright’s struggle.  The Cardinal fans have reached an all-time low!  Did you know Wainwirght would have had the loss if Lucroy didn’t clutch hit?  So it’s not Adam’s fault for pitching poorly?

Wainwright on pitching to Derek Jeter: “I was gonna give him a couple pipe shots. He deserved it. I didn’t know he was gonna hit a double or I might have changed my mind.”

He did later take the comments back, stating they were jokes.  Still, read the line above, that doesn’t seem like a joke to me.

Online comments are on fire from Cardinals fans blaming Lucroy.  I say, Sour Grapes you crybabies!!!  If I didn’t know better, I’d say Tony La Russa is behind this conspiracy……….

Seriously man!?!? Who and why would do that?

Come on Cardinals fans, have some class!!!  Do you honestly believe Lucroy plotted to make Adam Wainwright pitch poorly?  Could it really be that Adam just pitched poorly?

Shoot! I just spilled my drink #BlameLucroy.

This rivalry just got a little more heated.

Bleacher Boy Radio Guest – on the Rec Room Show!!

-David S.-

Today, at 8:15 P.M. CT, I will be featured on Tim Hollenbeck’s, Rec Room Show.  Tune in HERE!  If that doesn’t work, access this online radio show HERE!


Rick Monday Saves the American Flag

-David S.-

On April 26, 1975, two protesters rushed onto the field with an American flag during a Dodgers – Cubs game.  The two protesters stopped in center field and tried to light the flag on fire, which was soaked in lighter fluid.  The right fielder for the Chicago Cubs, Rick Monday, saw this happening.  He made a heroic move to charge toward the men. Luckily, the first match was blown out by the wind.  This gave Rick time to courageously save the American flag from being burned as a second match was being lit.  Even though this didn’t happen on the Fourth of July, this goes down as one of, if not, the most patriotic acts in sports history.  Well done Rick, well done. . .  Way to make America proud!

Way to make America proud Rick!


Pics from: www.reddit.com and writemarsh.blogspot.com559

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Audios Yadier

-David S-

Yadier Molina, step on over, there’s a new catcher in town.   His name is Jonathan Lucroy, A.K.A LUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCC!!!!

Lucroy beats Molina in EVERY OFFENSIVE  STAT  CATEGORY.  That should be enough for voters.  Yet, Yadier still leads in the voting.  This commercial below NAILS IT!  No offense to Yadier, but aren’t you sick of seeing Cardinals  in the All-Star Game???  Aren’t you sick of hearing the broadcasters gush over his Golden  Glove emblem on his gear???  It’s time for new blood!!   It’s time for change…

Choose the RIGHT player!


Vote Brewers!


So get online and help #LockinLuc!!! Voting ends at 11:59 P.M. at MLB.com.

Pics  from: eallifestl.com and  kat943.com


Kingfish, Elvis, and Dwier Brown

-David S.-

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while.  Eighth grade was coming to an end and I had tons of projects to complete!  Graduation was great fun and brag alert….. I even got an Academic Excellence Award from the Milwaukee Brewers!  Holler!   Now it’s summer and I can write, play ball, write, play ball, and ….. you get the general idea.

Two things I love came together Tuesday night, baseball and writing.

I found out that a team called the Kenosha Kingfish, a collegiate summer baseball team in the Northwoods League, plays at historic Simmons Field, less than a half hour away from where I live.  This field was opened in 1920 by the Simmons Bedding company and later used for a women’s professional baseball team, the Kenosha Comets.  So, I convinced my mom to take me to a game with my friend Hank!  As we were walking in the park and before even reaching our seats, we got flagged down by a staff member.  We were asked to play a game in the bottom of the 8th inning and I can’t turn down an invitation to be on a field.  We had to catch water balloons with a metal garbage can lid.  Sounds easy enough, right? Results: two soaking guys with a little dent in our fielding pride!

Entrance! Pic from northwoodsleague.com, I couldn’t take a good pic!

Catching water balloons!  Well...trying to.

Catching water balloons! Well…trying to.


You think you’ve seen a cool first pitch delivery?  You haven’t seen anything!  This leaves MLB first pitch deliveries in the dust!  You need to see Elvis, the “King,” zip line it to home plate, and no, not Elvis Presley— It’s Elvis the Kingfish mascot!

securedownload (1)


This was an incredibly fun and fan friendly game experience!   The announcer was hilarious and there was nonstop on-field entertainment.  This included live wiener dog races, ice cream eating contests, human bowling, and toilet bowl racing — welcome to Wisconsin. There were many fan giveaways including free pizzas and custard!  Also, non-stop jams were being played all night, including a little vintage “Elvis!”  The team was composed of mostly college players on summer break and despite the Kingfish loss, we saw some pretty good baseball.  It was up close and personal with plenty of opportunities to share sunflower seeds and talk with the players.

Toilet races!!

Toilet races!!

Thanks for the seeds bro.

Thanks for the seeds bro.

The best part of the night was meeting actor, Dwier Brown.  Dwier played the father of Kevin Costner’s character  in one of my favorite movies, Field of Dreams (see previous review here).  Dwier was a great stand up guy and generous with his time!  I bought his new book,  If You Build It... and he signed it for me!  Meeting Dwier was a great experience. I look forward to reading his memoir about America’s love of baseball and dads — and hopefully he is reading my blog right now!  Hope to see you sometime again!

Pic of the great Dwier Brown and me.

Pic of the great Dwier Brown and me.

Dwier's new book!

Dwier’s new book!

"David-- Great meeting you at the Kingfish game! Can't wait to read your blog! Wanna have a catch?"

Great meeting you at the Kingfish game! Can’t wait to read your blog! Wanna have a catch?”

So, in closing, if you are anywhere near a semi-pro, collegiate, or minor league team – I encourage you to go and check it out.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.



My Baseball Mom

-David S.-

Here’s a poem I wrote for my amazing MOM!!!  Love you! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!


My Baseball Mom



She cleans out stains


AND fixes your pains




She cheers for a bomb


Everyone loves a baseball mom




She throws soft toss


Because She’s the boss




She can always find your cup


Because she knows what’s up




She can still even play


A baseball mom, YES WAY




You think your mom is better


But does she know a table setter




She’ll find your every lost sock


And knows the ump’s calls are a crock




She shows up all men


A baseball mom is a ten




When you’re in a horrid slump


They give you a perfect bump




A baseball mom knows the way


What else can you even say




She can calculate an average


While drinking her beverage




Have you ever seen her swing


A baseball mom is the king




Yes, a king, not a queen is what I say


Plays like one every day




She can mend a glove


What’s not to love




In the dugout she wants a kiss


This is someone you never diss




I love my baseball mom


The Easter Bunny Delivers…CHAOS

-David S.-

Check out this bunny jump out of NOOOWHERE and deck the racing presidents!  I keep laughing every time!!! Well done bunny…well done.


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